Sunday, April 17, 2011

Europe 2011 -- Grenoble: Chartreuse, Halloween and rain!

After quite a bit of logistical difficulties (as it was in the middle of the French strike and pretty much all the train from Paris to anywhere where inexistent or impossible to track), we departed for Grenoble on a train journey that led us through Germany, Switzerland then France... exactly the same route that we were gonna take on the opposite direction after leaving Grenoble.

Luckily, having first class train tickets helps alot to be in a more zen disposition when your average 7 hours trips (with an escale in Paris, nonetheless! ) turn into a 15 hours nightmare.

Let's not forget the last part of the trip, when the train conductor announced that after a change of schedule, the next train station would be our final destination. From there, no information matched any schedules, printed or online. This is when I found very, very useful to speak French. After going to 3 different booths, we finally got told that there _might_ be a bus leaving for Grenoble that night... which we found, in a dark parking lot, with a sheet of paper reading 'Grenoble' taped on the front. After inquiring to the driver, who told us that there was a total of 3 seats left in the vehicle, we swung our luggage in the compartment and hopped in the... overcrowded, smelly and steamy bus. It's with a lot of satisfaction that we heard, 3 hours after departing, the crusty voice of the driver announcing that we had reached our destination. Our dear friend Guillaume picked us up, and stories were told and beer was drank. We were finally there.

After some short but well deserved rest, we slammed down some coffee and delicious French baguette and zoomed through the mountains to get to Voiron to the Chartreuse Factory!

Lots of dark corner and green booze. Me likey.

Blurry. Just like our minds at this moment of the tour.

Drinking from the source.

Finally found a bottle of the right size.

-Hey mate, I have all these empty bottles... what should I make?
-Dunno. Make lamps man. Lots of lamps.

The joy of tasting all the different chartreuses, even some that are only available there. Bliss.

Sid le Chat! He missed me so much he slept on top of me both nights!

We happened to be there on Halloween Night, so we headed to Mark XIII where lovely Aurelie was djing. You can see the magic I performed on her hair with lots of spells (and lots of aquanet).

There too, drinks were drank and fun was had. I also had the chance to meet the adorable Sophie from Nokturnal Little Place and had a grand time discussing lolita subjects under the rain!

Bewitching Aurélie!

The sun caught us still up with a glass still full in our hands... Good times!

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