Sunday, November 10, 2013

Europe 2012 : Beer, beer... and beer?

And yes, before you mention anything, 2012. You read that right. It was LAST YEAR. I guess was just cherishing those memories of a time past, as I am slowly getting swallowed alive by my semester. You can also say that I am just sulking in my own misery, the pain of not being able to go to Maschinenfest this year. But you can also make up your own version for whatever reason I am now more than 1 year behind on my photo editing. Oh well, picture galore. 

Traditionnal cab picture. I guess that even when we are 70 and crippled we will still do this one.

But this is becoming a new tradition... Please Canon, never fix the 'fisheye' on the little Elf!


If only flying to Amsterdam was as quick as the break between these 2 pictures... Here is Dutton working away as we are unpacking in his living room.

Awesome little beer bar called Beer Temple  that we randomly discovered... Check it out here

And now for all the Maschinenfest madness!

And a whole lot of Amsterdam love.

See you sometimes in the future, Europe.